At Unibroue, they create unique-tasting craft beers using traditional brewing methods. Their beers are unlike any other product on the market, and no two are alike. Each one has a distinctive character defined by taste, color, texture, and density.

To craft their beers, Unibroue draws inspiration from the great brewing traditions developed over the last two centuries by Trappist monks in Europe—particularly in Belgium. Their beers preserve all their protein and part of their yeast, making them truly worth savoring.

Unibroue’s Brewhouse – Photo courtesy of Jerry Vietz

All Unibroue products are made using a combination of the same basic ingredients: water, malted barley, malted wheat, wheat, yeast, hops, sugar, fruit, and spices. Their products are brewed using a traditional bottle fermentation method in which fresh yeast and pure sugar are added just before bottling. They are only partially filtered, which is what gives them their distinct appearance and natural cloudiness. This brewing method results in strong, intensely flavored and highly effervescent beers.

It is almost exactly the same process used to make champagne. The only difference is that while the lees is extracted from champagne using a local cooling process, it is left to settle at the bottom of our bottles once the natural fermentation and saturation (carbonation) process is complete. This process requires strict quality controls because the addition of chemical additives or preservatives would kill the yeast. It is this method that produces the distinctive Unibroue flavors in all their world class beers.