Brewed since 1997. Due to its complex character, this beer immediately attracted a lot of fans. Its fruity notes and high alcohol level often draw comparisons to port.

Drawing on Quebec folklore, Unibroue chose the name Trois Pistoles to honour the city’s historic importance and pay homage to the legend of the Black Horse. Conjured up by a priest to help build a new church, this incarnation of the devil ran off when its bridle was removed. Because construction was still underway when the horse vanished, a stone remains missing from the church to this day.

STYLE: Unibroue-style strong Dark Ale. 9% ABV.

APPEARANCE: Dark brown with burgundy hues. Tan colored head is creamy dense, and leaves even-sheeted lacing on the sides of the glass during consumption.

AROMA: Bready Unibroue yeast, spices, dark rum, dark chocolate, roasted malt, light molasses.

FLAVOR: The aromas carry over into the flavor.

MOUTHFEEL: Moderate carbonation, its creaminess is moderate to moderate plus, that is rich and silky. The sweet rum flavors linger for a long time, and invite you to take that next sip.

IMPRESSION: Trois Pistoles is one of my go-to ales from Unibroue. I’ve enjoyed it over 2 decades. It ages very well; we’ve had 10-year vintages where the rum and chocolate flavors grew more intense and complex. This beer is always a good idea. One of the top rated beers in its style.

Santé mes amis!
Gordon A. Ponce
CEO – Bières de Chambly.com