Brewed since 2002, available for a limited time in Canada and year-round in the US.

In 2002, when the SAQ requested an exclusive new high-end product, Unibroue responded with Terrible. Given its dark colour and 10.5% alcohol content (a first for Unibroue), they knew that this Belgian quadruple-style ale might very well be greeted with reticence.

So they gave it a name that would evoke terror and worry, but also something extraordinary, formidable and awe-inspiring. From here on out, no other beer can ever be called “Terrible”.

STYLE: Unibroue-style Quadrupel ale. 10.5% ABV.

APPEARANCE: Murky dark brown liquid with deep burgundy tones. 3-finger height, light tan colored head is very dense, creamy, and leaves a ton of patchy lacing on the sides of the glass during consumption.

AROMA: Huge notes of Unibroue bready yeast, chocolate, raisins, prunes, dark sugared rum, Trappist fruit cake, cardamom, dates.

FLAVOR: Super rich flavors from the aromas, along with Justino Henriques Madeira – Full Rich, deep caramel notes.

MOUTHFEEL: Moderate carbonation, this powerhouse of a beer is rich, sumptuous, and leaves a long warming finish.

IMPRESSION: This is my favorite Quadrupel. In my opinion, it bests the highest rated Trappist ales from Belgium. I have always said, that Unibroue takes classic Belgian beer styles, puts their own spin on them, and brew beers that best the Belgians. Terrible has won multiple awards in numerous beer competitions over the years.

Unibroue’s Terrible is my go-to quad. Even though Unibroue’s website says the aging potential is 3-5 years, I have enjoyed bottles as old as 10 years with superb results. Grab as many bottles as you can of this world classic, age them and do yearly tastings. Drink with reverence.

Santé mes amis!
Gordon A. Ponce
CEO – Bières de Chambly.com