Brewed since 1994. To date, La Fin du Monde has earned more medals and awards in major international competitions than any other Canadian beer. It is Unibroue’s international flagship ale.

It took 18 months of research before La Fin du Monde saw the light of day in February 1994. Representative of a style that was originally developed by medieval monks who served beer on special occasions, it is a premium beer with a surprising finesse. Like Trappist triple ales, La Fin du Monde is brewed and refermented in the bottle—a first in the American market at the time of launch.

To date, it is the most awarded Canadian beer and has been honored at several top international competitions. True to tradition, Unibroue brewed this beer in honor of the French explorers who, when they discovered North America, believed they had reached “the end of the world”.

STYLE: Unibroue-style Tripel. 9% ABV.

APPEARANCE: Cloudy Blonde with a pillowy, dense 3-finger height white colored head. Spider web-like lacing on the sides of the glass as the liquid is consumed.

AROMA: Classic Unibroue bready yeast, notes of apricots, coriander, honey, cardamom, and mature peach skin.

FLAVOR: The breadiness carries over, with flavors of white stone fruit (peach, apricot), grains, with gentle hops.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium bodied, the carbonation level is medium to medium plus. It coats the entire mouth with its fruity finish. Warming, it is the perfect balance of spice, sweetness, and hop bitterness, and invites you to that next cherished sip.

IMPRESSION: My favorite Tripel of all time, our favorite dish to pair La Fin du Monde with is mussels and twice fried Belgian frites. Anyone I have ever introduced this to for the first time, has always loved it. Made for aging, we’ve had vintages of it over 10 years old with superb results. Best in the world.

Santé mes amis!
Gordon A. Ponce
CEO – Bières de Chambly.com