Brewed since 1997, Eau Bénite is midway between a Belgian blonde and a triple, its pale sweet malt notes never fail to charm the palate.

Brewed for the first time in the summer of 1996, its name was inspired by a nun who, after tasting a beer for the first time, said it tasted better than Holy Water (Eau Bénite in French). Amen

A closer look at the label reveals how the devil tried to fool us – NOT! He’s dressed up like an angel: curly wig, halo put together with a metal wire, stripped wings held up with suspenders… do you really think the stoup is filled with Holy water?

STYLE: Unibroue-style Tripel. 7.7% ABV.

APPEARANCE: Deep golden with light orange hues, with a creamy, dense 2-3-finger height white colored head. Even-sheeted lacing on the sides of the glass as the liquid is consumed.

AROMA: Classic bready yeast, golden honey, sweet malt, light brown sugar, and cardamom.

FLAVOR: The bready yeast compliments, along with notes of honey, spices, white pepper.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium bodied, carbonation level is medium to medium plus. coats the entire mouth with its moderate finish. Flavors linger smoothly.

IMPRESSION: 2018 was my first time tasting Eau Bénite, and found it to be a slightly lighter cousin to La Fin du Monde. Have not had it since. Would love to get more.

Santé mes amis!
Gordon A. Ponce
CEO – Bières de Chambly.com