Bières de Chambly.com was born out a dilemma. About a year or so ago, as I sampled beers from Belgium and beers brewed in the classic Belgian styles from the United States and other countries, I always found myself thinking, “This beer is good, but it’s not a Jerry beer” (referring to Unibroue’s Master Brewer, Jerry Vietz and the beers he brews at Unibroue).

As the CEO of the (now closed) Belgian Beer Journal, I realized that I did not want to write about any other beers other than Unibroue beers. For the simple facts: I believe that the beers from Unibroue are the very best in the world. I have tried many different beers, beer styles, from other countries since 1981. I’ve had the so-called best from Belgium. None of those beers bring me the joy like the beers from Unibroue. I have enjoyed the Unibroue beers ever since they hit the states in 1995, and was astounded on how well their complex flavors matched up against the Belgian classics.

The beers from Unibroue are the ONLY ones I drink now. Why? Becuase I know when I open up a Unibroue beer, I am guaranteed a sensory overload experience, knowing that beer is the best in it’s brewed style.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Bières de Chambly.com!

Santé mes amis!
Gordon A. Ponce
CEO – Bières de Chambly.com

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